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Well, it seems that [personal profile] rachelmanija has a lookalike who's a chef in D.C. and who competed on Chopped this week. XD
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Hunh, interesting.

Tumblr frequently passes around the claim that there are six people in the world who look just like you. It has a ring of truthiness, if nothing else. :)
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From recent con experience, I must say painfullly true. :p
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She has a nice smile like Rachelmanija, but I think Rachel's jawline is of a much more elegant proportion, really.

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It's the glasses, the coloring, the hair, and the nose that keep tweaking my "I know her!" feelings. :) Not a complete resemblance, but enough that if you told me they were related, I'd believe it.

During the show, there were angles when the chef looked a lot like Rachel, and angles when she didn't, but it was still amusing. :) Edit: The chef also gave me the impression on the show that she was much taller than Rachel, but I can't say for sure without knowing the heights of the other competitors.
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Yes, a cousin, I could see that.
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Clearly to be seen in your chosen avatar, yup! Just telling it like it is ^^

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Ha! I have Chopped auto-recorded, so I will get to cheer on my clone!

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I will refrain from telling you the results, then! XD

It's one of those tearjerker ones because the chefs all work for organizations devoted to causes like helping feed the hungry. Prepare to sniffle a bit as they tell their stories.

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I saw it! She does look a lot like me from certain angles.

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