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Have just configured my Social Fixer extension on Chrome (i.e., my Facebook browser) to filter out posts with a list of political keywords and put them in a separate tab.

Mostly brought on by 2334324948502345749 posts urging me to go vote, which are not necessary as I already voted. Well, not that many, but after I hit "More" a few times, my regular news feed tab has 66 posts in it while the Political tab has 40. (And ChefVille has 27, another reason I use Social Fixer--to filter out game posts.)

(And it occurs to me that what may be really needed is not a push on election day to tell people to vote, but a push a few weeks previously to get people to register to vote.)

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This is why I posted on my Facebook status that I vote in EVERY election - I'm so tired of people making a big deal out of voting every four years.