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For you Avengers fans out there, plus a cat gif

Avengers: Thor discovers a meme.

Avengers: Also, the Pixar Avengers. (Found on Reddit, which claims credit is "Pixar Avengers Posted by J.m. Walter to Cartoon Brew’s Facebook page.")

Cat: Now, you may or may not remember the Evil Bag of Evil story, which tells the tale of how Sora managed to terrify himself by getting stuck in a paper bag. I didn't get video of that, but someone else online has managed to film their cat getting stuck in a plastic bag, and the results are similar enough to what happened when Sora got stuck in the Evil Bag of Evil (featuring the manic visage of Uncle Julio!) that I'm linking it here. It's in animated .gif format.
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too bad it's too big to turn into an icon with a caption about this day sucks or something to that effect.

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Evil Bag of Evil must be Bad Horse's sidekick...

That aside, this was a laugh I needed this morning. (As I sit here attempting to paint with the cat insisting it's HIS time to be pet.)

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:D Sora's been leery of paper bags ever since. He learns quickly! (And is at the moment, luckily, not trying to get me to pet him while I sit at the computer. He's more interested in trying to get some catnip.)

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Pfff, now if only I could get my two to stay clear when I'm on the computer (or painting, as BOTH tried to help earlier....)