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Poor, poor, Sora!

So we had several guests over yesterday for an RPG* (two of them spending the night. much to Sora's dismay). One of them was in the guest bathroom, which is a jack-and-jill type with two doors. We had forgotten to warn people that Sora might be hiding in the bathtub.

As our guest was standing there occupied, Sora leaps out from the tub and stares at him. Then Sora runs for one door to escape this horrifying person. It's, naturally, closed. He runs for the other door. It's, naturally, closed. Sora then proceeds to run laps around our guest's feet in mortal terror until he's finished and can open a door, whereupon Sora escapes into the master bedroom and crams himself as far as he can under our bed, not to poke out a whisker until midnight or so.

* yes, one of those old-fashioned tabletop games, as I find that every time I mention this nowadays everyone online assumes I mean an online one, while everyone offline assumed I mean a video game. :/
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...I assumed you meant tabletop, but I'm old-fashioned? *g*
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Mr. E's comment: That is a very calm guest. Cat surprises me like that in someone's bathroom, you're going to have to wash the ceiling.
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RPG with bonus floor show! Go Sora!
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Ahahaha! XD Aw, I shouldn't laugh, but Oh Sora.

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Our very special snowflake!

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I assumed you meant a tabletop game, since my husband has been involved with twelve-sided dice since well before I met him. Somebody's still got to play those!

Poor Sora! At least he'll show himself when Horrifying Strangers invade! We visited my sister a couple of weeks ago, and let ourselves into her house before she got home from work (this is usual in our family). We had a brief glimpse of her new cats when we came in, and then they vanished. We unpacked in the guest bedrooms, puttered around a bit and I took a nap on one of the beds since we'd had a long drive. It was very quiet in there -- I didn't hear a peep.

When my sister got home, she couldn't find her cats. Anywhere. Usually they take refuge in her bedroom upstairs when strangers appear, but they weren't in there, and we hadn't let them escape outdoors. After many minutes of searching and calling, she eventually checked under the bed where I had napped. There the cats were, still cowering together in silent terror hours after we'd arrived... though apparently they usually yowl and take swipes at each other whenever they approach too close.

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He poked his head out yesterday afternoon, once the new guests got here, but when he spotted them he fishtailed on the laminate flooring trying to get into the master bedroom to hide!

Poor cats!

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I *might* have assumed Rocket Propelled Grenade, given y'all's Mythbuster fandom. But I didn't. ;)

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