Aug. 1st, 2016

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I posted my poll kind of late on Friday so I'm bumping it one more time. I've got a hankering to try all the scents in the latest Limited Edition update, and was wondering if I could scrape up enough interest to go in on it, either for a full set or some of them. If I get one more full-set or 2-3 more part-set people, I think that'll get it within the reach of probability. :) (If you know someone not on my f-list that might be interested that you can vouch for me to them and them to me, that's fine too.)

Details of scents, costs, and polls are on this Dreamwidth post and this Livejournal post.
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Right! So it’s been about two weeks since I last posted a Murderface writeup, and that’s because it’s been about two weeks since I played, having been working on other projects. But I have not forgotten Murderface! You won’t escape that easily!

Last time, Murderface did part 1 of a 3-part quest to hunt down the three parts of the legendary Amulet of Galdur, an artifact so powerful associated with a dude so evil that after his death, the amulet was broken into three parts and hidden around Skyrim, guarded by the watchful undead bound to their task forevermore. Murderface figured that it might sell for a few gold.

This time: Murderface goes to school!

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