Jul. 15th, 2016

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very important article

science geekery meets cooking geekery meets movie geekery
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...Murderface may have to have a little talk with Valdimar about food safety. He's been storing this hunk of raw venison on top of this cabbage for days.

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Last time we encountered Murderface he’d interrupted a ritual intended to resurrect the evil Wolf Queen, Potema, and received a whole 1000 septims for saving the free world yet again.

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Ghostbusters. Go see it. Really.

Toby is now having the time of his life because he has to decide if he's getting the Funko Pop Holtzmann or the Funko Pop Holtzmann in the Ecto-1.

(I also played him Julie Brown's "I Like Them Big and Stupid" on the way home in honor of Kevin.)

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