Feb. 17th, 2014

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Reporter goes on a Paula Deen cruise.
I ask if I can interview Paula. The publicist politely denies my request, though she does drop the same prepared off-the-cuff line about Paula's relationship to her fans into conversation with the three of us so many times I can only assume she wants it to appear in each of our write-ups as "a source close to Deen revealed…" Here it is as a word jumble: fans fans love loves people Paula her some having.


Feb. 17th, 2014 06:41 pm
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Sora isn't feeling too well, we think (I posted yesterday that he has a cold, and he's sneezing everywhere). Toby reported that Sora opened the closet door in the spare bedroom, slunk into there and curled up on the spare mattress pad we have on the floor (I have no idea why it's there), and stayed there all afternoon. Toby gave him a couple of Pill Pockets, and he ate those, so he's not off his feed too badly, and when I got hom, he let me scratch behind his ears and under his jaw.

He's still in the closet, but we've caught him slinking out a couple of times since I got home. He doesn't really want to be petted, so our best guess is that he just feels like shit and doesn't want attention, but he's feeling good enough to come out when everything is very quiet.

Our plan is to keep an eye on him and see how he's looking tomorrow morning, and decide whether or not to take him in to the vet then.

ETA; Shortly after I posted this, he crept into the room, then eventually jumped on top of my chair and started to come down onto my chest...then sneezed a bunch of times in a row and scared himself and jumped off. So I guess he's feeling a bit better?

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