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We went to see Eric Idle and John Cleese over in Dallas tonight. The show
was them basically reminiscing about their careers and doing some sketch
comedy and singing Monty Python songs, encouraging us to sing along.

The audience was full of people who'd grown up with Monty Python, or who
had discovered it as adults when PBS started airing it over here in the
late 70s and early 80s, which means that it was a sold-out show full of
people from their 30s to their 70s, all happily singing "Sit On My Face."
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This disdainful giraffe calf's ear game is ON POINT. Is yours? I didn't think so.


Dec. 2nd, 2016 10:04 am
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Long time no post. Heh. Anyway, a few days ago I bought some clothes from Kiyonna, and they had a $25 Mystery Sale where they sent you something they haven't been able to get rid of in your size. The mystery item I got was...

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Made it to work today. Of course that means I managed to not bring my computer glasses. :/


Nov. 17th, 2016 06:07 am
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Migraine. One showed up Sunday night, took til Tuesday afternoon to go and now one's showed up again sometime in the wee hours of Thursday.

But I'm not 100% that its a migraine and not a combo of caffeine deprivation and a bad tension headache, so I can't take the migraine med I've got (side effect: possible death by heart attack if it's not an actual migraine). I've taken Excedrin to combat what it can.


On the bright side, the sequel to The Witches of Lychford is out and my kindle isn't backlit like a proper computer screen so I can at least read it.

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I have one mosquito bite on each of my feet due to sitting outside on Halloween. AAARGGH


Nov. 1st, 2016 09:38 am
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We outlasted the Trick or Treaters this Halloween!

I wore my dark-brown Jedi robe over an oatmeal-colored cardigan that I belted, and got identified as Yoda twice. Um? (We looked it up--the colors he wears are opposite--dark below, light above.) Toby wore his Sith robe and had to explain that he was the Emperor.

Anyway, no tiny Reys, much to my disappointment, but the costume of the year for small girls, other than an array of bees and ladybugs, was Batgirl. (Or Batman with a skirt. We didn't ask.)

Also, in general, I feel that if you're old enough to start to grow a mustache, you're probably too old to be Trick or Treating, but given that this particular kid and his two friends were getting into the spirit of the thing and dressing up and saying "Trick or Treat!" instead of just wearing a T-shirt with a skull on it and stomping sullenly up to the door expecting candy, I'll give them a pass.

The two kids dressed as a Stormtrooper and Kylo Ren were properly impressed at our Jedi & Sith robes and our lightsabers, though!

(The only problem with Halloween is that you're surrounded by kids so I can't bust out with Toby's line that broke his gaming group when they were playing a Star Wars game:Read more... )
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So we did some long-overdue yardwork in the back yard this morning, mostly hacking and slashing the overgrown hedge next to the house, and discovered a few mysteries, two of which I assume are related to each other.

Mystery #1:
There are volunteer strawberries growing in our yard. We didn't plant them, they're just growing wild, and in random spots.

Mystery #2:
There is, shall we say, rather pungent evidence that a dog has been in our back yard. Which we keep shut up tight.

Mystery #3:
Now that the big willow tree in our back yard died thanks to 2 years of drought, the evergreen off to the side has shot up and has produced fruit or seed pods or SOMETHING that we've never seen before.

Photos and my interpretation of two of the mysteries below the cut.

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Oct. 28th, 2016 09:32 am
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So the remastered version of Skyrim is now out on the PS4. We bought it yesterday and let it download and install last night so I could play it today. It's also out on the PC, for free if you bought all the DLC previously, and Toby discovered it unlocked early so he started his FOURTH run. This time his character is specializing in one-handed weapons, but I predict she's going to end up a sneaky character doing one-handed because he always goes sneaky.

Anyway, I can't port my PS3 saves over, so it's bye-bye Murderface, alas. But given that I hadn't been playing him much because almost every time he went out he was attacked by an ancient dragon that was above his pay grade that killed him horribly, perhaps not much of a loss. Ah well.

The big question now is: what sort of character am I going to build for my new run? I shall not be writing it up because it was getting rather tedious to make notes while I was playing, so you're all spared that (unless something particularly funny happens). But do I go really sneaky, or go full tank? Do I play a paladin or an ass? Murderface's twin brother or someone completely opposite him? Let me know your opinions!

(Also I stopped playing Skyrim quite so much because I started a replay of Kingdom Hearts II in preparation for the release of KHIII, but hey.)
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I spent Saturday visiting [ profile] puppleball in Dallas while Toby went to his RPG group there. She and I went to this boil-in-a-bag seafood restaurant for dinner which was fantastic. Apparently it's got some mediocre reviews from people under the impression that it's a Cajun place that inexplicably fails to serve andouille and a few other Cajun things,'s not.

Anyway, [ profile] puppleball ordered for us, so what we got was a mix of shrimp, smoked sausage, snow crab legs, mini corn cobs and boiling potatoes, all boiled in a bag with their Bang sauce, which is a mixture of their three sauces: garlic butter, lemon pepper, and Old Bay Spice sauce. They bring the bag out and put it on the table, and you just grab stuff out of the bag and eat. They also bring you a giant plastic apron to wear, which is necessary. The sauce makes this thick tasty sludge on the bottom of the bag.

Anyway. At the end of the evening, when she was driving me over to the house where Toby was so we could go home, we were passed by an old beat-up blue Chevy pickup work truck, the sort with a framework on the back to which were strapped ladders and extension cords. Mounted on the hood was a set of longhorns.

Welcome to Texas, y'all.

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