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GQ did a photo shoot with rock climbers climbing in expensive designer clothing.

Outdoor Research offered a different take on it.
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Here's the art I did for Fandom Giftbox...

Lacernella Rubra
Little Red Riding Hood
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Maker's Breath, not again
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Mildly NSFW for implications
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Oh yes...

Sep. 22nd, 2016 10:35 am
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Some time back I asked about the translation of "Little Red Riding Hood" into Latin. The reason why would be [community profile] fandomgiftbox and this picture I did for someone who requested a new take on the fairy tale. :) (Link goes out to AO3.)
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Aargh woke up having slept funny or something so that the left side of my neck and the back of my left shoulder are all knotted up and painful, and my headache from yesterday is still here.

At least [community profile] fandomgiftbox reveals have been done so I can dip into fanworks off and on todya. :)
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I want to read more poetry. Recommendations for anthologies available on Kindle/other ebook? (sticking with ebooks because we are running out of shelf space in the house.)
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There are THANK YOU WHOEVER IS LISTENING only 29 records in this particular table, and I need to be updating half of them anyway, so I have a document telling me what this half is supposed to be, but I'm going to have to confess what I did and ask the ref librarians what the *other* half is supposed to be. *whine*
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The new baby giraffe in Cincinatti knows how fabulous it looks in its sawdust outfit and exactly how fabulous you don't look.
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Photo of the 1970 TCU rifle team. I love the expression on the face of the young woman on the upper right.
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I discovered yesterday that the campus Google appliance had gone bananas on our FAQ service, hitting it up for three specific search terms every five minutes or so.

Since May. Since 11:08 AM on May 13th, to be precise.

I'd discovered that I'd done searches on those three terms at the time the Google bot started its journey into darkness, which presumably triggered it, but I'd also done a number of searches on other terms at the same time because I was updating all the FAQs associated with them. No idea why the bot chose to obsess over "copyright," "texshare," and "new material alerts." The database that holds the logs for these queries is now overflowing with approximately 30K hits per month since May, rendering the stats tools in the service unusable.

I talked with campus IT and while the ultimate cause of why it picked those three terms is unknown, it was having problems with the searches not completing, so it was repeating them and repeating them. After discussion, I picked the option of not having the campus search index the FAQs to stop the madness. Most of our users use regular Google to search for stuff related to the campus and the library tbh, and I've got a custom Google search on the site, not the campus search, so it'll affect us not at all, and I've got a support ticket into the service asking them to delete all the records that come from that specific IP address.

So, um, yay technology?

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