Dec. 20th, 2014 08:35 pm
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Toby, while playing Assassin's Creed: Black Flag just now: "I'm a white dude. Cultural appropriation's a kind of hobby."

(I'd just accused him of looting cultural property when, as a sidequest, his character discovered and dug up something identified as a Mayan Stone.)

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Dec. 19th, 2014 09:50 pm
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We just finished watching the Korra finale, and Toby is texting back and forth with a friend of ours who watched it earlier and has been DYING to talk about it, apparently. XD

Rot13.com for spoilers:

Xbeenfnzv SGJ!

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All right...TODAY. Did Toby get something exciting, wonderful, and awesome TODAY?

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What did Toby get? Did he get more candy? Or did he get something wonderful?

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For you guys who don't like reserved seating at theatres and wonder how it works now that a large group can't show up and get their tickets and be sure to sit together...this is how it works, quoted from a friend's email:
So, I'm looking at going to a 2d showing of the Hobbit 3 on Sunday, Dec 21 at 5:25 pm at the Studio Movie Grill at Royal on and Central. I will be purchasing the tickets for any of us who will be sitting together Thursday (tomorrow) night at about 9pm, so if you'd like to come and be seated with the group, please contact me before then. If the seating at the 5:25 show is terrible, I will look into the 3:35 show. Please let me know if you would be unable to make the alternate 3:35 show.
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Ah, I see the cleaners have arrived.

One of Sora's favored hiding spots is behind the washing machine. Alas, one of the cleaners opened the door to the laundry room for some reason, and I have a shot of a small gray blur zipping out of the room by her legs in terror. Not posting it as it feels wrong to post photos of people who didn't know they were on a spycam, even though there's nothing to ID them by, just a pair of shoes and legs.
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Shichimi togarashi! I think Toby was more excited about this than anything else so far...at least, he broke out the all-caps for it on his post.
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A phone charm! It's a kitty playing with a ball of yarn. Toby's reaction: http://myrialux.net/2014/12/15/advent-calendar-day-15/

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