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I bought a Korean night moisturizer called Wine Therapy in the red wine

My face now smells like grape jelly.

I kinda like it.
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The question being "How did people spin yarn before they invented spindles?"

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I've mentioned before I think that we're booking a trip to Switzerland and Northern Italy (going to be circumspect about the actual dates for now), and I want you to know that I have just booked:

(1) an apartment in Venice that overlooks the lagoon and has a tiny private rooftop terrace, as well as an elevator in the building AND a washer and dryer

(2) a hotel in a former monastery in Vatican City that is actually ON St. Peter's Square

Now to see if I can find something cool in Florence.
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I said I wouldn’t be writing every session up, and I won’t be, but you get this session written up because Murderface McKenzie 2.0 accidentally broke Skyrim and it was hilarious. Well, to me, at least.

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45 seconds, you don't need to know Skyrim to know what's going on. All you need to know is that Murderface McKenzie has a perk that keeps him from setting off floor traps, but the same cannot be said for his companion.

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So my new Skyrim runthrough with a lady orc tank (named Jehane d'Arc I cannot believe it didn't occur to me to call her Jehane d'Orc) was kind of boring because I couldn't really get into my character and give her a guiding impulse.

So I did it...
warning for GIANT screenshots that I'm not bothering to resize right now )
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FaceApp cheers up sad paintings at Dutch museum. Yeah, it's pretty silly but I kind of like the way it makes some of the portraits look like they might have done in real life.
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How to protect yourself against the WannaCry ransomware exploit. In short: if you're on Windows, make sure you're updated to the latest OS version. If you're on an unsupported version (XP, 2008), there's a patch you can load. Make sure your antivirus is updated.
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Home from Seattle. Woo.

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