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Creepy Text Theatre (YouTube). Creepy texts read out loud. (NSFW for language, natch.)
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Now to see if it can get to size and ripen before the birds find it. Somehow I doubt that'll happen. :D

Cut for pic of our Gardening for Dummies-type garden, taken last week )
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When you take the Dodge tool a bit too far!

I can understand needing to lighten faces up when the models are backlit, but the solution is to use the dodge tool with a LIGHT hand! (The best solution is to have an assistant holding a big white piece or fabric or cardboard to bounce light back into their faces when you take the picture, but sometimes you just don't have the option.)


Jul. 29th, 2014 10:42 am
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My Parallels (small Asian fandoms fic/art exchange) entry is DONE and UPLOADED! There is, naturally, a couple of things that I spotted that need to be fixed as soon as I uploaded it, but that's how things go. I've got until Friday to fix them and re-up. :)

And now...there are some art styles I want to explore, and there's two-and-a-half weeks-ish until reveal. I suppose I could poke around and see if there's anything I could do as a treat.
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Hallucinatory voices shaped by local culture.

It's one of the themes in anthropology that culture often shapes illness, wellness, and various conditions, and it's one of the things I find fascinating.
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If you're using Wordpress, you can password-protect entries individually, 
and then just email the password to those who qualify for it, then edit 
the entr y    lat er  on  and                              m a k  e  i  t    p  u b  l   i c                        .

I was confused for a bit, then discovred that my phone was sitting on the space bar of the Bluetooth keyboard next to me.

(Now why do I have a Bluetooth keyboard next to me? Because it's a small keyboard that sits to the side that I can use for the keyboard commands when my graphics tablet is blocking my older, larger, ergonomic keyboard.)
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Can We Guess Who You Are in Only 20 Questions?

What they think I am:
Female, Mid 30’s

Here is our best guess at who you are:
1. You are female.
2. You are currently in your mid thirties.
3. You have a great job that you don't necessarily appreciate as much as you should. You do, however, appreciate the great life partner that you have and your caring friends.
4. You have short blonde hair, gray eyes and a naturally tan skin tone.
5. You have 2 kids. Currently thinking whether or not to have a third one.
They got 2 out of 5.


Jul. 22nd, 2014 08:49 pm
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Those of you who know Japanese:

I'm watching an episode of the new series of Mushishi, and after Ginko is rescued by a farmer and given a meal by the farmer's wife, he thanks her by saying what sounds to me sort of like "Arigatey" instead of the usual "Arigatou." Is this a variant, an accent, a dialect, or what?

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