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Aug. 2nd, 2015 08:45 pm
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Been spending the past few nights messing about with the new Cintiq Companion.

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The Cintiq has arrived, and it's currently downloading and installing Windows updates and various graphics and other programs that I want to use. It's a pretty nice beast, even larger than I expected it to be, and the monitor display has such high resolution that the text is teeny tiny and I'm going to have to get Toby to show me where to increase it again because the first increase was not good enough for my getting-ancient eyeballs.

Anyway. So that survey that Wacom sent to me? It had a nice large textarea form field where I could write notes about my customer service experience. :) :D 8D
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In case you're in the market for anything graphics-related, I shall point you to Ray Frenden's Reviews tag. He is a professional artist who works extensively in digital formats, and who reviews everything that comes down the pike. He's the reason I went for the Cintiq Companion 2 over the Surface tablet, in fact (better surface feel and programmable buttons on the frame, which fit my workflow better). But he's reviewed tablet monitors and graphics tablets from other companies, and nowadays you have much lower-priced options for those.
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Toby worked from home this morning and reports that my Cintiq Companion 2 arrived, and turned on with no difficulties (so far). Woo!

Now to turn my mind to that customer service survey...
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You have to fight the last celebrity you saw on television with the object immediately to your left. How screwed are you?

(When I first encountered this question this morning, the answer was Michael Palin, with my cat Sora. Right now, it would be Michael Palin with a 1973 penny. Either way, I don't think much of my chances.)
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...when the squirrel comes and lays down on your windowsill for a while.

It wasn't there for long--we keep forgetting to refill the feeders and haven't put any seed out on the sill for a few days, and I think it was really snuffling into the crack between the window and the sill to ferret out any stray seeds, but it still looks like it's taking a nap!
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Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 update:

Story so far--I ordered a high-end tablet thing from Wacom at the end of June, and heard nothing. My account on showed no order history, even though I had the emailed order confirmation. I finally emailed them and inquired as to this last week, at which point they informed me it had already been shipped, two days after I ordered it, to somewhere in Orlando. I got on the phone, stat, and after investigating in their system, the rep on the phone said she had to talk to the shipping department and would call me back.
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There is something I really, really like about this model, but I can't think of any scene/environment to put her in that's different than the ones in the photographs (or that's more of a fantasy than historical setting. :/ (check the "With the same model" below the pic for additional pictures.)

In other words, home for part of the day as I've had a headache overnight that seems to be worse when I look at screens and sit under florescent lights. Got a meeting this afternoon, so I'll head in then.
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Right! So you've heard of Google's Deep Dream, which uses a neural network to find and enhance images in photos, and which ends up in some trippy-ass shit, often with eyeballs everywhere. There's an online service now that will run your photo through the Deep Dreaming code, but it does take about two days at the moment, because there are thousands of pictures in the line. They give you a URL that you can check every so often to see if your pic has been processed yet.

So of course I put a couple of pics through it. I did this one, of the fox shrine in Arashiyama that [personal profile] rachelmanija and I happened upon back in 2007. (Pic from 2015, on my visit with Toby.)

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I also did this one, a candid shot I grabbed on an observation deck overlooking Tokyo Station:

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I have been stalking the high-end version of the Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 for MONTHS. Thy get them in batches and put them up in their online store, so you have to manage to check the store at the time when there's a batch live.

I finally did it on June 27th. On June 29th, I got the order confirmation. Not the shipping confirmation, mind you, just the acknowledgement that an order had been placed.

A week ago, I emailed customer support with my concern that I hadn't received it nor any shipping information yet. Yesterday I got an email asking for confirmation that I hadn't received it yet, I sent a reply with no, I have not received it. I got an email this morning saying "I'm sorry you haven't received it. Our order information shows that it was delivered."

This is the shipping information:

Service:UPS 2nd Day AirĀ®
Weight:11.60 lbs
Shipped/Billed On:06/30/2015
Delivered On:07/02/2015 11:51
Delivered To: ORLANDO, FL, US
Signed By:JONES
Left At:Residential

I see three problems with this:

1. I did not pay for 2nd Day Air, I paid for Ground.
2. My name is not Jones.

So I phoned up Wacom support and talked to someone about it, and the stage at which things are is that she has to go talk to the shipping team and get back to me. I expect that either someone screwed up very, very badly, or someone in the shipping team is attempting to pull a scam and steal it.

If this doesn't get resolved, I guess our next step is to institute a chargeback on the credit card--we haven't got the merchandise, and they've pretty much proved that they failed to ship it to me.


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