Sep. 29th, 2014 12:40 pm
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Migraine. I'm pretty sure the trigger was two glasses of red wine last night, which annoys the hell out of me because I like red more than white. It's probably not the alcohol itself, as I've had more than that at one sitting recently--margarita when out with my in-laws--and had no problems.

I'm considering having one glass of red wine on Friday night to see if that triggers anything, and make the decision then as to whether to give it up or not.

I'm fairly sure I've had 2 glasses of white wine in one evening with no problem in recent months, and I know red is often a trigger. Still, blarg.

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All right, which one of you guys took my GoPro?
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Didn't bring my lunch today because I had to drop by the post office at lunch to mail a couple of packages, so I hit a local restaurant. The booth next to the one I was sitting in contained two young women and an older one, and one of the young women had quite a few opinions and would occasionally raise her voice loud enough for me to hear.

One of her opinions was that she wished a friend of hers would stop hanging around his no-good friends, who didn't even have jobs! And the examples she gave of these no-good friends were Tyler, who works in the movie industry and makes, like, ten dollars an hours! No, wait, she thought it might have been closer to twelve dollars, which is what she makes! And one of the others was an engineer who lost his job some time back and still wasn't working, even though they were about to lose their house! And then there was the third guy, who was a nanny, and they had three kids!

Hm. From my point of view, it looks like Tyler and the nanny actually have jobs, and perhaps the engineer's problem is not that he doesn't want a job. (And what would she have thought if he'd gotten a job paying only ten dollars an hour to save the house! The horror!)

Luckily, between a couple more tables being seated near us and her quieting down a little bit more, her voice was drowned out after that so I didn't have to hear any more of what she said.
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Just poked myself in the eye with the arm of my glasses. :P
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On Saturday, Toby and I are heading to Dallas to help with the (second) ConDFW room party at FenCon. We are going to head over a bit early and catch a movie at one of the fancy dinner theatres over there. We are undecided as to which one, however.

Option One is Look Cinemas, which is over near Toby's brother and his girlfriend, who have praised it a lot. Option Two is a known quantity, the Alamo Drafthouse, which we've been to twice already recently and which we will definitely visit many times more. The movies in question are The Equalizer and A Walk Among the Tombstones, which both have 66% on Rotten Tomatoes at this time, and Guardians of the Galaxy again, which we both enjoyed the first time. The Guardians is only at the Drafthouse, while the other two are at both places.

Hmmmmm. Which one to see?

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Which movie should we watch?

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The Equalizer: Denzel Washington being badass
2 (50.0%)

A Walk Among the Tombstones: Liam Neeson being badass
0 (0.0%)

Guardians of the Galaxy: seeing for the second time
1 (25.0%)

Mello's fabulous ass*
4 (100.0%)

1 (25.0%)

More in-jokes from telophase's LJ almost a decade ago
2 (50.0%)

A head
0 (0.0%)

* Toby has already stated that he will not be watching Mello's fabulous ass, more's the pity.
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Simple game: pick the square with the different color. I only got to level 23, but I'm going to try it at home with my theoretically much nicer monitor.
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I play a bingo game on Facebook, in which each bingo room has a theme, usually a location. Each room also has a set of 12 or so items to collect (by making bingoes on special cards or a couple of other ways, including trading them with other players). These items are related to the theme of that particular room, usually landmarks or cultural items; for example, the Tokyo room had a kaiju and sushi amongst its collectibles.

Which leads to a conversation like this, from the chat window in the Rio room:

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I have just told a coworker with a question about a website to click on through and answer "Yes" to everything. You so rarely get to say that when it comes to the intarweebs.

(A university server we use throws the "This connection is untrusted" error because nobody wants to pay for a security certificate for it. So the first time you log in to it, you have to tell it to set an exception.)


Sep. 17th, 2014 01:44 pm
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Zooniverse debuted another citizen science project, this one marking penguins caught on camera in Antarctica, Penguin Watch. It's even simpler than Snapshot Serengeti: you just click on adults, chicks, and eggs.

Most of the shots I've seen have either nothing in them, or small flocks. But then there's this one...cut for screenshot )

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