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Program books are here. Guess it's a con!

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Why do I keep running into references to the Defenstration of Prague today? I just checked on Wikipedia, and it's not the anniversary of either of them...
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So. Big, floppy hats for hiding from the sun, which will shade my face and the back of my neck. Note that I live in a hot climate, will be vacationing in a hot climate in the near future, and sweat a lot in the sun, so hats that show sweat stains are out.


San Diego Hat Company hat:

Vince Camuto hat:

I like this Hat Attack hat, but do not like the $90 price:

Lane Bryant hat:

This Coolibar hat claims it's packable, which is good:

I like the idea of being able to tie a scarf around it, thought I'm not sure I like this hat:

But this one's kinda nice:

Any other suggestions?
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Skyped Nefer just now, and she actually acknowledged my presence briefly (or, more likely, looked over at the noise and movement) before returning to her bath.

She has manifested no superpowers yet from the radiation, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.
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If you Skyped my radioactive cat today and wondered where she was, I solved the mystery! Skype her now!

(she took up residence on the chair beside the chair with the laptop. I turned the laptop to look at that chair just now. No telling where she'll sit tomorrow.)

eta: And now of course she's left the chair and has been wandering around the room yowling as loudly as possible.
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I just Skyped Nefer. She's sitting on the windowsill looking out, and turned around to look at the computer, then dismissed it and went back to looking out the windows. Cat's got priorities.
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Right. So LJ isn't letting me reply to comments now, so to [ profile] golden_bastet: :D I'm supposed to be working, too, but SKYPING MY CAT!
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Because we are nerds, we set up Toby's old laptop in the spare bedroom and got Nefer a Skype account and set it to auto-answer so we could talk to her during the day. It's set to only answer calls on the contact list, so if you would like to Skype the cat, put your Skype info in the comments below (comments are screened) and I'll add you tomorrow during the day.

Because we have to leave the laptop on and awake for the calls to auto-answer, we'll shut it down during the night and whenever we don't want it to answer. I assume you could leave her a message.

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