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I always find a flexible rubber sole to be a great feature in a candy bar.

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I'm making a cheapass Advent calendar for Toby...

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Lion roaring in his sleep!

Don't make the mistake of reading the comments...a bunch of people who don't know any better keep claiming the lion's in pain, probably because they don't realize what lion roars sound like nor what a sleeping lion looks like.* He's in a wildlife sanctuary, rescued from a Bolivian circus.

* I claim to be an expert in sleeping lions, because 99% of the time, the lions we saw in Africa were sleeping!
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Toby's parents are hosting Thanksgiving this year. I volunteered to make dessert. Suggestions for something semi-spectacular, anyone? The only caveat is that it'll be made up here on Wednesday and driven across the state on Thursday and be consumed on Friday.

I am not afraid of complicated! I've made Momofuku Milk Bar-style layer cakes before! (I'll say, however, that Toby's parents tend to be a bit conservative in tastes, so something like a rhubarb and lime pavlova will probably be eyed with suspicion. Something like a chocolate blackout cake would be more recognizable/welcome to them.)
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Goldfish-shaped teabags!

Now, is there anyone on my f-list with Taiwanese connections who's willing to find out for me where they're available, how much they cost and how much shipping is? (Cost may not be worth it but LOOK AT THEM.)
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The good photos I took from this weekend's zoo trip. You've seen a couple posted earlier as I was experimenting with automagic crossposting stuff, but there are also new ones. Unless you're on Facebook and have friended me there, in which case you've seen them already.

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Was too undecided about what to pack for lunch, so I decided to go out for lunch. Now I have no idea where I want to go. :/ (I wish there was an "Just don't bother with lunch" option, but sleepiness, crankiness, and headache are due in a couple of hours if I don't go eat something soon.)


Nov. 18th, 2014 09:50 am
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I've been playing the Sims FreePlay for a couple of weeks now, since I had that cold, and the occasional glitch amuses me. Take last night, for example, when the Sim I created to represent Toby* came home after a hard day's work and took this comfy seat:
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* Toby Stark, as the only goatee available was a doofy one that looks like Tony Stark would wear it. Only I had Toby's Sim and my Sim get married, and since he moved into my Sim's house, he automatically adopted my Sim's last name. :)
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If only Toby didn't work from home. Revenge bento. (Mildly NSFW for rice boobies in one picture.)
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Wintercroft Masks. Site that sells instructions and templates for making masks out of cardboard (like cereal boxes). Various animal masks, plus a Stormtrooper helmet and a couple of other things. ([personal profile] yhlee! They have foxes!)

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