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Nefer warming herself on the router. Because everyone needs a small moment of bliss.

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I numbered everyone who commented on the posts about the BPAL and then used the random number generator at to generate a number. The winner is [personal profile] settiai!

Sorry to the rest of y'all. :( Keep tuned--I'm sure that at some point in the future I'll have more to destash. :)
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I was going to pick the BPAL winner when I got to work, but got sidetracked because my COMPUTER DIED. My coworker who's in charge of this sort of thing managed to (temporarily) resurrect it, but as part of the hard drive is bad, it's a matter of time before it crashes again, so I am now backing up what hadn't been done since my last backup and making lists of what I need to reinstall (my developer environment is pretty unique!), etc. so I'm kind of distracted right now.

I have made a calendar note to myself that will pop up when I'm at home to do it tonight.
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ETA: The winner is [personal profile] settiai!

Arg I totally meant to post this morning as a reminder that I am giving away a box of BPAL bottles and imps from 2010-2013ish
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So if you missed the first announcement, you have a few more hours to get it in! I'll 8PM Central time? Three hours from now.

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Not content with tidying away her toys, Nefer has now tidied herself away.

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Swag from the Monty Python and the Holy Grail quote-a-long.

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We're going to the Holy Grail quote-a-long at the Drafthouse tonight and because I had no breakfast and an early lunch all I can think about right now is what I'm going to order for dinner there: the fish and chips, or the Royale with Cheese?

We are definitely having a cinnamon pretzel with vanilla icing for dessert: after all, it's our anniversary (okay, technically not until the 14th, but close enough).
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ETA: Winner, winner, chicken dinner: it's [personal profile] settiai!

OKAY. In my attempt to declutter, I've got a box of BPAL perfume bottles and imps from roughly 2010-2013 that I haven't worn and obviously am not going to. It's mostly limited editions, including a Chaos Theory or two, and a few general catalogs. Some of them are from decant circles, and those tend to be partial bottles and imps. [ETA: I forgot to add that a couple of them are from the Shunga collection and thus the titles and/or bottle art on those are NC-17. If you plan on handing them off to someone else, be warned.]

ONE PERSON IS GETTING THIS BOX because I don't want to deal with mailing a bunch of different boxes out. If that person wants to mail it out to others, you go right ahead. Also if you decide to sell them and get a lot of money, you can kick a few bucks back my way, but that's not a requirement. :D

Anyway! If you want a mystery box of BPAL drop a comment here (LJ or DW) and I will pick ONE LUCKY WINNER at random to receive this smelly bounty!

(I'll pick the winner on Monday, to give the people who don't check LJ/DW on the weekend a chance to throw their names in the pot.)
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This is what Sora looks like for a couple of minutes after you wake him up.

For a cat as anxious as he is, it's surprising that he takes a long time to wake up.


Apr. 9th, 2015 09:47 am
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I have taken the plunge and bought art panels (three!! they suckered me in by charging way less for the third panel if you get an entire 3-panel bay!) for FenCon, another local con, in September. Now I have to think of stuff to draw for it.

I'm basically looking at the style I did for the pieces I put into the ConDFW art show here and here. Perhaps 3 larger pieces (16x20"ish), 9 medium ones (8x10") and 6 smaller ones (4x6" or 5x7"), to allow for a range of price points. If I get really inspired, I can do small artist trading card size ones.

Anyone got any ideas? For men or women, basically inspired by figure drawing? Naturally, now that I HAVE to do them, I'm fresh out of ideas. :( (well, I'll spend a few hours this weekend going through my pose reference pieces and pulling out ones that seem inspiring.)

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