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The Saiga Antelope. Looks like a Star Wars character.

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Toby: "Uh-oh. By Saturday it's going to be DefCon Coffee around here."

Me: "Don't we both have Friday off this week? We can go shopping then."

Toby: "Good call. Crisis averted."

I do find it very odd that my employer gives Good Friday off, but not Easter Sunday. Not that I'm working Easter Sunday this year, but I've done it in years past.
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I present an out-of-context quote from a memo circulated at work today:
Supervision is required since lasers will be involved.


Apr. 8th, 2014 09:39 pm
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I caught Sora trying on my shoes!

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If you want to breed (and bling out, and fight) fictional dragons, Flight Rising is going to open up registration for April 14th (5AM server time, which is Pacific Standard Time [-7GMT?]) for 24 hours.

I am PecanOwl over there--because I have no idea why I didn't want to be telophase and there was a bag of pecans and a timer shaped like an owl on my desk when I made the account--and this is Maura, my clan matriarch, a Guardian:

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I have two nests starting (Spirals, Guardians, and Pearlcatchers) so I can give hatchlings away to people I know! Just let me know when you join. :D
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FIFA video game glitches are the best.

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Two Monks Invent Medieval Art.

MONK #1: what does it look like when some people are far away but some are closer
MONK #2: draw them all exactly the same size

Two Orthodox Monks Invent Byzantine Art.

MONK #1: hey how big are most eyes
MONK #2: like on the human face?
MONK #1: oh yes for sure the eyes people have on their faces
MONK #2: oh man
at least half the size of the face
it’s actually crazy how much of your face is just eyes
definitely at least half
MONK #1: thanks
MONK #2: no problem

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