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I have a bug! I can't replicate it! I need help in tracking it down!

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Aug. 26th, 2015 08:33 pm
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I am looking at wall art online for the master bathroom and every wall sculpture/plaque I can find with birds flying on it has the flying to the left. Why?

(Naturally I think flying to the right would look better because if they flew to the left they would be flying into the closet instead of out the window)

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Toby and I did a lot of yardwork on Sunday (a lot) and by Tuesday it hit us so hard that we were achy, cranky, and physically exhausted. So last night we decided to go out to eat...

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Also, there was this thing with Amazon yesterday, which turned out well today...

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Taken from an Amazon review of WOOSH: Spaceship Sketches from the Couch, whose first line of description is "WOOSH! is a collection of personal spaceship sketches created by entertainment designer Lorin Wood as he decompressed on his couch after a long day at work."
I also didn't realize that this book mostly shows drawings done while reclining on the couch?
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The pic I'm working on is finally starting to turn into something, so I am starting to feel the pressure ease up a tad.

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