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Huddled on the landscaping cloth yesterday morning and this morning. It wasn't there during most of the day, so it's not hurt, just odd.

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Juvenile mourning dove.

I saw that this looked a bi different than our usual doves, went searching, and discovered that the scaling--the white tips on the feathers that produce that scale pattern--are typical of juvenile mourning doves. So they're raising families, not that we couldn't have figured that out already.
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Bluejay on the feeder, and I think that may be a mockingbird on the fence.

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...this short article is about my family in Wimberley. They're also featured in this news video (which starts with an account of people still missing before it gets to the feel-good stuff at about :45).


May. 27th, 2015 10:48 am
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Small pics because I sent them from my phone to myself and accidetnally picked the smallest option, and am too lazy to bother re-sending. Guess I won't bother with a cut tag, then!

Nefer cleaning her toes.

Nefer has an opinion!

She looked even more cynical in real life than got captured in this photo.

Sore was sitting on the back of the couch behind me all evening, worried about the thunder.

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Sora apparently got bored and went away.

Toby has embarked upon the first day of his Life of Leisure as a Gentleman Temporarily Free and is thus grocery shopping at the moment and unavailable to chase the squirrel off the windowsill during Sora's dereliction of duty.

When I opened the blinds this morning, I found that the squirrel had obligingly piled all of the mealworms up on one side of the windowsill in order to get at the seed. Perhaps I shall just place mealworms out for a while. Squirrels are cute, but if they eat ALL the seed, I won't be able to see any of the birds!
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This album is called "More Disappointed Doves and One Disappointed Blue Jay."

I still haven't refilled the windowsill feeder--storm--and the doves are unhappy about it.

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